Lost Pet Specialist...helping people get lost pets home!!
Fees and Services
Initial Consultation (first 15 minutes)...$0 free!
In-depth Phone Consultation....$175*
DFW Area On-site Search (including use of search dog)...$440*
plus mileage**
Outside DFW Area On-site Search... $500-900* plus mileage**
Initial Consultation (no charge)--You will describe the general circumstances of your
pet's disappearance and the steps you have already taken to get your pet home. We will discuss the
cost and advisability of hiring Lost Pet Specialist to help with your search. This free consultation can
be conducted via email or telephone, whichever you prefer, but telephone is usually more effective.

In-depth Phone Consultation ($175*)--You will provide the details of your pet's
disappearance, personality, health, and habits. Looking at Google maps views of your area, we can
make site-specific recommendations. We will tailor a search strategy to get your pet home. This
process usually takes about 90 minutes. The in-depth phone consultation is all that many people need
to successfully find their pet. If you decide to hire us for an on-site search, a portion of the cost of the
phone consultation can be applied toward your on-site search. We accept Venmo, Zelle, Paypal
Personal at no additional charge. Credit card payments incur a 3% service charge.

On-site Search (See prices above)--In addition to providing an in-depth consultation, we
will come to the location where the pet was lost and conduct a thorough search using a trained scent
detection dog. You can expect us to be on-site for about 3-4.5 hours.  If your pet is not found during
the search, we will spend some time fine-tuning your search strategy based on the day's findings and

continue to support you by phone at no additional charge.  
You may be asked to pay a deposit in
the amount of half of your search fee. The balance is due when we arrive at your location. If you have
paid a deposit, and your pet is found before we depart, you may be entitled to a
partial refund of your
deposit, so please call immediately if your pet is located. However, no refund will be given if we have
had to turn down another search in order to reserve the time for you.

Searches Outside the DFW Area--Price varies. Here are some examples of search fees for
other areas:
Waco $5
50, Austin $750, OK City $750, San Antonio $850, Houston $850. A mileage charge will also
be added--$1 per mile for one-way travel. Additional fees will apply if an overnight stay is required,
generally $250.

Private Investigation Services--Price varies depending on the nature of the work. Please call
to discuss.
*Prices are based on payments made by cash, check, Venmo, Zelle,
or Paypal Personal. Credit Card users are charged an additional 3%.
**Mileage is $1/mile for one-way distance to search location. Using Google
maps, you can put Grapevine TX into the search bar and find the approximate