Lost Pet Specialist...helping people get lost pets home!!
Missing Pet Partnership --  This group, founded by former policewoman and bloodhound handler, Kat
Albrecht, sets industry standards for lost pet services.On this website you can find lots of information that
can help you as you search for your lost pet.
Pet Harbor --  This website was set up after so many pets were displaced by hurricane Katrina. It compares
databases of many participating shelters and will attempt to match the description of your lost pet with
animals that are now in shelters near you.
Other Pet-related links:

Doors4PetsandPeople.com -- Louis is our go-to guy for safe, secure, high-quality pet doors.

Stone Art Pet Memorials -- Beautiful memorial markers for our pets who have passed away.
Helping Lost Pets -- Post your lost (and found) dogs and cats for free on this excellent map-based site.